The transmission drive is a remarkable piece of engineering and unique to the Samurai range of brushcutters. The Samurai brushcutter is driven through a mechanical 2 step gearbox which features high and low range gear selection, which you can easily switch from high to low (and vice versa) depending upon ground conditions. There is also a neutral position within the gearbox which allows the brushcutter to freewheel when necessary.

The mechanical 2 step gearbox then has a hydraulic drive in front of it, you therefore have all the benefits of a hydrostatic automatic transmission with the power and strength of a mechanical drive.

On brushcutters of 18hp and upwards, the Samurai features a charge pump, which cools the hydrostatic oil during operation and also dramatically extends the pump’s life. This unique feature means that the Samurai can continue working all day without any loss of traction, because the hydrostatic oil does not lose its viscosity.