The shaft drive of the Samurai brushcutter is a unique benefit, shared across the entire machine range. This allows almost 100% complete transfer of horsepower to the cutter blades through a shaft fitted with universal joints at both ends. No other machine of this type has a shaft driven system like the Samurai.

The oil-filled, cast gearbox has a spring-based pinion gear system that absorbs shock and impact from the cutter blades. The spring-steel blade carrier has a unique profile that holds the quick-release Samurai steel blades. Basically, these blades are manufactured from fine layers of steel that are formed in a forge. This results in an incredible blade that is capable of surviving encounters with granite rock.

The relationship between the blade materials, the speed of the blade tips, the spring-loaded gearbox system and the shaft drive, produces an incredible solution for working on rough ground and surviving rocks in a revolutionary way for mowing, as we know it.