Canycom is a true manufacturing company and not just an assembler of machines, as it forges most of the parts for the machines itself and all its machines are not built on a production line, they are all hand built.

Canycom is owned by the Kaneyuki family and they can trace their ancestry back to the 13th Century. From the 13th century up until they started to manufacture machines, the Kaneyuki family made Samurai Swords. Their manufacturing spirit and expertise in metals has been handed down over the generations and this is why their products are of such high quality. The spirit that they pay attention to the smallest detail in order that the machines are high quality and safe.

The ride on Brushcutters are the bestselling product worldwide. Canycom designed the brushcutters to be very unique in the market place worldwide. Their design and manufacturing means that they are strong, simple but really long lasting.