The Samurai brushcutters have proved they can survive in extremely harsh environments and conditions, including rocky ground. In order to combat these harsh conditions, the Samurai has addressed this issue with some unique physics.

At the heart of the science is the idea that the blades are driven via an oil-filled gearbox (which has a spring-based pinion gear system that absorbs shock and impact) instead of pulleys and belts. This results in far less energy loss. In order to address this further, the blade tip speed has been geared down to between 12-13,000 feet per second – conventional mowers are closer to 18,500 feet per second.

The blades are created through a complex process, which involves the metal being folded, forged, tempered and quenched repeatedly to achieve a special linear grain. This grain is what gives the Samurai Swords their legendary ability to cut hard materials and cause little damage to the blade.

The actual method of cutting larger vegetation relies on material passing under the front axle, where it is fed into the blades. This provides a ‘bean slicer’ action, allowing the destruction of woody material up to 36mm in diameter.